Zero Emissions Engines: Watch Your CARBs.

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It’s 2024! And for many of us on the West Coast (California specifically) a new wave of equipment regulation has just hit the market. Effective January 1, 2024 all engines under 25HP must emit zero emissions during operation.

But what does this mean? Let’s take a closer look at CARB’s new regulations for 2024 and what’s in store for the future.

Zero Emissions Under 25HP

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) issued a measure into effect that restricts the purchase of most newly manufactured small off-road engines. This measure requires any engine under 25 horsepower to emit zero emissions during operation. This measure aims to reduce the amount of emissions released into the air and minimize California’s footprint. This change impacts lawnmowers, leaf blowers, golf carts, and any combustion engine that runs 25 horsepower and lower.

Can I Still Use My Old Equipment?

According to the Air Resources Board, this measure will impact equipment manufactured after the beginning of 2024. Californians can continue to operate their already existing CARB-compliant equipment equipment. This also means that Californians are eligible to buy equipment and products that were manufactured before 2024 even if they have a gas-powered engine.

What Type of Equipment Will Be Most Affected?

As mentioned above, this measure only affects equipment that operates under 25 horsepower. Some of the most affected equipment will be:

  • Lawnmowers
  • Leaf Blowers/Chainsaws/Handhelds
  • Certain pieces of maintenance equipment
  • Golf Carts

With the push to Zero Emissions, these changes will aim to help better our environment.

Zero Emissions Equipment Alternatives

Luckily, many manufacturers have been in the process of developing equipment that gives off zero emissions for several years now. Let’s break it down here.


A Toro Revolution Grandstand. This mower emits zero emissions.

The Toro Revolution Series – These mowers were designed for both commercial and residential use giving homeowners and contractors amazing options that are CARB compliant.


An electric eFORCE chainsaw from Echo.

Many manufacturers like Echo, Stihl, and Toro have amazing lines of electric equipment that all burn zero emissions during operation. These alternatives are affordable, effective, and clean!

Utility Vehicles and Parking Enforcement:

Two Westward Industries parking enforcement vehicles.

Westward Industries manufactures powerful, efficient, high-performing electric utility vehicles and parking enforcement vehicles. These vehicles have been in use in cities all over the world and are making a dramatic impact.

Golf Carts:

A fleet of Tempo Golf Carts, these carts emit zero emissions

Club Car LiIon powered carts are amazing quality golf carts that emit zero emissions during operation. They’re quick, powerful, sleek, and impressive.

What is the Future of Zero Emissions Engines in California?

This change in 2024 is the first phase in reducing emissions in California. The next phase begins in 2028 and directly affects the emission standards for generators and large pressure washers. While phase two is still four years away, if you regularly use generators or pressure washers it will definitely benefit you to keep your eye on the market for any changes as we approach the beginning of phase two.

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