Why We Love GiANT Loaders

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Toine Broc developed GiANT loaders nearly three decades ago. He knew that the equipment that you use in your business is a large factor in establishing a competitive advantage within your industry! Whether you’re an arborist, a construction manager, a golf course superintendent, a landscaper, or a farmer, having equipment you can rely on can greatly impact your success.

In this article we’ll explore the history and benefits of GiANT Wheel Loaders.

A GIANT G1200 with Branch Manager grapple attachment

A Brief History of Tobroco-GiANT

Toine Brock founded Tobroco-GiANT in 1996 while he was developing construction and agricultural equipment on his family farm in Haaren, Netherlands. In the twenty seven years that have followed, Tobroco-GiANT has gone on to develop industry shaking technology that continues to improve year after year. Since 2001, GiANT wheel loaders have been revolutionizing what a compact loader can do. The timeline below provides a summarized timeline of the Tobroco-GiANT company.

A GiANT G2500 on a white background.
  • 1996 – Toine Broc forms Tobroco-GiANT in Haaren, Netherlands.
  • 2001 – Tobroco-GiANT releases first wheel loader for local farming and tree nursery community.
  • 2003 – Tobroco-GiANT releases a telescoping wheel loader.
  • 2011 – Tobroco-GiANT releases the first GiANT compact telehandler.
  • 2014 – Tobroco-GiANT develops and releases the first compact utility handler (mini skid-steer)
  • 2016 – Tobroco-GiANT opens a 100% owned daughter company in North America and headquartered in Iowa.
  • 2019 – Tobroco-GiANT introduces it’s first electric wheel loader, the G2200E.

Spec Summary of different GiANT Loaders

GiANT has spent the past twenty-seven years refining and improving upon their initial design all in an effort to create the best line-up of equipment possible for your company. Whether you’re working by yourself or with a team, GiANT loaders reliably keep your business operating efficiently.

GiANT has developed a wide range of products over nearly three decades; the table below offers specs to some of the most popular pieces of GiANT equipment. You can see a full breakdown of GiANT Loader classes with specs here.

GiANT GS900*GiANT G1200GiANT G2500 HD
Service Weight1,780 lbs2,420 lbs5,291 lbs
Lifting Height82.7 inches85.4 inches116.7 inches
Tipping Load981 lbs2,400 lbs4,519 lbs
Working Hydraulics9.2 GPM7.4 GPM10.5 GPM
*GS900 is a compact skid-steer unit. These specs are with wheels and not tracks.

Surface Friendly

But GiANT isn’t just interested in providing a pound-for-pound, exceptionally strong loader. GiANT has spent a lot of time and resources on developing equipment that is surface friendly and won’t tear up ground or turf while in operation. By implementing articulated steering and an oscillating frame, GiANT has developed an extremely strong and nimble machine.

Additionally, with multiple tire and skid options on select loaders, you can customize your machine specifically with your business in mind.

Compatible Attachments with GiANT Loaders

All GiANT Loaders come standard with a universal attachment plate so that you can use your favorite attachments with your GiANT loader. GiANT has a “non-proprietary” attachment approach that doesn’t lock you into using GiANT proprietary equipment. This is immediately beneficial to the user because it allows complete control over what attachment each user likes best.

Turf Star Western

Turf Star Western proudly sells GiANT to the west coast (Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, and Nevada). Feel free to reach out to us if you’re interested in scheduling a demo or learning more! 

If you’re not located on the west coast but would still like to learn more, follow this link to the GiANT website to locate a dealer near you!

Turf Star Western is proud to provide amazing equipment to the west coast and is proud to have GiANT as one of our manufacturing partners. 

To learn more about Turf Star Western, visit our website at www.turfstar.com