Where Can I Buy A GiANT Loader?

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If you’re located in California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, or Nevada and would like to demo or learn more about a specific GiANT Loader contact us here.

If you’re not located in the west coast but would like to find your GiANT dealer, follow this link to find a dealer.

What is a GiANT Loader?

GiANT Loaders are fantastic pieces of equipment that help your company, municipality, or golf course. With an incredibly light footprint and strength comparable to much larger loaders, GiANT loaders are small but mighty (hence the “ANT”). These loaders have tipping loads up to nearly 11,000 lbs (more on that below). 

A GiANT Loader for sale in Rancho Cordova, California.

An additional perk to their compact frame is the ability to move a GiANT Loader into places other loaders couldn’t fit into. This compactness, coupled with the options for tracks or wheels, makes GiANT a versatile and extremely strong machine in a very compact package. 

What GiANT Loader should I buy?

However, not all GiANTs are built the same. Depending on the type of work and scope of project, different GiANTs are built for different jobs.

Getting as small as the SK212 with a tipping load of 955 lbs all the way up the G5000 series which can have a tipping load up to 10,699 lbs. Whatever you’re trying to do, there’s a GiANT for you. 

For more on the the full range of loaders you can follow this link: What GiANT Loader is Right For Me?

Where Can I Buy a GiANT Loader?

If you’re looking to demo or purchase a GiANT Loader, the distributor network is quite robust! Turf Star Western proudly sells GiANT to the west coast (Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, and Nevada). Feel free to reach out to us if you’re interested in scheduling a demo or learning more! 

If you’re not located in the west coast but would still like to learn more, follow this link to the GiANT website to locate a dealer near you!

Turf Star Western

Turf Star Western is proud to provide amazing equipment to the west coast and is proud to have GiANT as one of our manufacturing partners. 

To learn more about Turf Star Western, visit our website at www.turfstar.com