What GiANT Loader is Right for Me?

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A GiANT Loader (G1200) sits in front of our Rancho Cordova Location

What GiANT Loader is Right for Me?

GiANT Loaders offer a wide range of products that are each better suited for different types of jobs. 

In this article we will explore the different types of Loaders GiANT offers as well as other things to consider such as attachments and wheels.

Compact and versatile, GiANT has a large range of projects which can be daunting if you don’t know where to start. In this following section we will lay out the different specs of each GiANT model so you can see which model might suit your needs best.

The GS Series


The GS series offers engine options in either gas or diesel with both models achieving a lifting height of around 82 inches and tipping loads of 956.8 lbs. Both models also include a mini skid plate to give you attachment versatility both in GiANT attachments as well as third-party attachments. This is a fantastic model for those who need a compact, powerful machine that can handle multiple attachments, but is not for those that need to move thousands of pounds in one load. Full specs here.

The GiANT Loader G1200

The G1200 series is an extremely popular model as it offers that same compact versatility but can handle larger loads than the GS series. The standard G1200 offers over 85 inches of lift and has a tipping capacity of 2,400 lbs. However, the G1200 also has a telescoping model that gives you nearly 30 additional inches of lift height (up to 111 inches) while still maintaining a tipping capacity of 1,980 lbs. The G1200 has an articulating and oscillating frame that helps you minimize turf damage as well as a mini skid plate, and multiple tire options. This model is great for anyone who needs to move a lot of weight or reach higher places (like an arborist) but wants to maintain a smaller footprint. Full specs here.

A G1200 sits in front of our Rancho Cordova location

The G1500

A GiANT Loader 1500

The next size up is the G1500 series. Maintaining most of the same features as the G1200, the standard G1500 has a slightly larger engine with a tipping load of 2,293 lbs with a lift height of 100.7 inches, offering 15 extra inches of lift over the standard G1200. If you don’t need as much height but need a stronger carrying capacity, the G1500 X-TRA has 81 inches of light height and an increase in tipping load capacity of over 1,000 lbs, with a max tipping load of 3,307 lbs. This model also comes with a rear-located operator’s center as well as a mini skid plate for use with multiple attachments. The G1500 is a great model for those looking to move more weight than a G1200 with a marginal size difference. Full specs here.

The G2200

Continuing to go up in load strength, the G2200 series offers a lot of the same features as the G1500 series but with a lot more configuration options. The G2200 series comes with max tipping loads ranging from 3,197 lbs all the way to 4,528 lbs with lift heights ranging from 96.5 inches to 111.5 inches. This series also comes in an electric model with nearly identical specs (in fact it offers a slightly higher max tipping load) You can find the specs on the G2200e series here. Simply put, the G2200 series are fantastic for those looking to move a lot of weight efficiently and quickly. Full specs here.

A GiANT Loader G200

The G2300

A GiANT Loader G2300 w/Pelican Bucket attachment

The G2300 series continues to offer a similar set of features as the rest of the G series but continues to up the ante when it comes to load capacity. The G2300 series boasts a max tipping load of up to 4,982 lbs with the G2300X-TRA or if you need a little extra height, 3,516 lbs with a lift height of 111 inches. This lineup is great for anyone who needs to move a lot of weight while making little impact on the ground or turf below you. Full specs here.

The G2500

Getting into some of the bigger (but still small comparatively) units, the G2500 boasts an incredible max tipping load of up to 5,732 lbs with a lift height of 98.3 inches on the G2500 X-TRA. The base model is no slouch either as it carries a max tipping load of 4,519 lbs with a lift height of over 115 inches. This unit is great for those who are getting into much larger projects and want a machine that can handle it with a small footprint. Full specs here.

A GiANT G2500

The G2700

Continuing up the ladder, the G2700 adds up to an additional 600+ lbs of max tipping load with tipping loads up to 6,393 lbs depending on your spec. These units also include lifting heights between 98.3 and 116.7 inches depending on the option you select. The G2700 series also includes many of the features that are listed with other units of the G series. These are great units for anyone who needs strength in a compact unit. Full specs here.

The G3500

The second to largest unit is the G3500. These units are powerhouses that can have a max tipping load of up to 9,490 lbs depending on load placement, lift height, and unit specs. The G3500s also come in a telescoping option to give you nearly 170 inches of lift height! For those of you keeping score at home, that’s over 14 feet of lift. Depending on the unit you use the max tipping load ranges between 5,070 lbs to 9,490 lbs with a minimum max lift height of 106 inches. These units work well for any consumer that needs to move a lot of weight in a single load while maintaining ease of use and efficiency. Full specs here.

A GiANT Loader G3500

The G5000

Finally, the largest GiANT loader, the G5000 boasts an incredible max tipping load of up to 10,699 lbs depending on the model, load distribution, and lift height. The base G5000 on its own has a tipping load of 7,360 lbs with a lift height of 137.8 inches. This unit also comes in a telescoping model and an X-TRA model for anyone who needs more height or strength respectively. These massively strong machines are great for anyone who needs to move a lot of weight! Full specs here.

GiANT Loader Attachments & Tire Configurations

GiANT Loaders also offers a variety of attachments that can be quickly and easily swapped in and out to keep the loader highly versatile. Many (but not all) also include multiple tire and tread configurations to help you optimize your GiANT to the exact specs you need.

Turf Star Western

Turf Star Western proudly sells GiANT to the west coast (Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, and Nevada). Feel free to reach out to us if you’re interested in scheduling a demo or learning more! 

If you’re not located on the west coast but would still like to learn more, follow this link to the GiANT website to locate a dealer near you!

Turf Star Western is proud to provide amazing equipment to the west coast and is proud to have GiANT as one of our manufacturing partners. 

To learn more about Turf Star Western, visit our website at www.turfstar.com

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