Westward Industries MAX-EV

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The Westward Industries Max-EV Overview

The Westward Industries MAX-EV is a standout in the electric vehicle market. Designed for various urban applications, the MAX-EV is perfect for parking enforcement, security, and last-mile deliveries. With its compact size, nimble handling, and eco-friendly credentials, the MAX-EV is in a league of its own.

A MAX-EV sits on next to a curb in a residential area.


The Westward Industries MAX-EV is an electric vehicle designed for city use. It’s small frame easily navigates traffic and is great for tasks like parking enforcement, security patrols, and deliveries. It’s Lithium-Ion battery is environmentally friendly and keeps your overhead down with charging costs as low as $2 per day. Highly customizable and easy to charge, the MAX-EV offers a smart and sustainable solution for urban transportation.


The Westward Industries MAX-EV ORV is a strong and tough electric vehicle made for all terrains. This vehicle is perfect for tasks in parks, recreational areas, and industrial sites where regular vehicles might struggle. It’s also environmentally friendly and runs quietly. The MAX-EV ORV combines durability, versatility, and sustainability, making it a reliable choice for all terrains. With its sturdy design and advanced technology, you can confidently explore challenging terrains while minimizing your impact on the environment.


The Westward Industries MAX-EV 4 is a compact electric vehicle designed for city use that can seat up to four passengers. It is ideal for various urban industries like security, parking enforcement, and shuttle services. The Max EV 4 is easy to maneuver in crowded streets and offers customizable options for cargo or passengers. It’s an efficient and eco-friendly choice for businesses in need of urban transportation.

A EV sits on a roadway.


Each model of the MAX-EV stands out for its impressive performance. Its electric motor offers silent and emission-free operation, making it suitable for urban environments. This vehicle can reach speeds of up to 25 mph (40 km/h), ensuring efficient transportation in city settings. Additionally, its sleek and aerodynamic design makes it an attractive choice for those seeking a sustainable and modern vehicle.

Charging and Range

The MAX-EV is equipped with a standard 72V battery system (MAX-15), giving it a range of up to 70 miles on a single charge. Charging is a breeze, with both standard and fast-charging options available. Additionally, the MAX-EV features advanced capabilities such as regenerative braking, which optimizes energy efficiency and extends driving range even further. With the MAX-EV, you can enjoy a electric driving experience that doesn’t compromise performance while contributing to environmental preservation.

Cost Efficiency

Thanks to its low operating costs and minimal maintenance requirements, you can enjoy significant savings in your daily operating costs. This cutting-edge vehicle allows you to combine sustainability with economic efficiency, offering you benefits both environmentally and financially. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make a difference and reap tangible benefits for your business.

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