Turf Star Western


Washington State Contract

Ramona BowmanRamona Bowman


Below is a complete list of all products & pricing that may be purchased from Turf Star/Western under the Washington State Contract #05218.

(The term of this contract is seventy-two (72) months, commencing April 1, 2019 and ending March 31, 2025.)

Washington State Contract Pricing

Toro Equipment Pricing
Toro Commercial Equipment
Toro RLC
Toro Siteworks
Allied Equipment Pricing
Arm Lift (Patriot)
Bell Trailers
Bishop Edgers
Casket Transporter (Bi-State)
Cool Tops
Fairway Café
First Products
Foley United
Golf Lift
Groundsman Industries
Harper Turf Equipment
Lely Turf Products
Linemark International
Marksman Mfg.
M-B Companies, Inc.
Nordic Plow Core Solutions
Progressive Turf Equipment
Rahn Industries
Salsco, Inc.
Sweep-N-Fill by DreamTurf
Turf Improvement Products
Turfline, Inc.
Turf Pride