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A Harper Hawk turf sweeper unloads debris into a trailer.

In the world of turf and grounds maintenance there a few jobs more important than debris removal. Whether you’re a municipality, a golf course, a sports complex, or a resort, the first impression of your facility usually comes with the grounds. This importance has made turf sweepers and turf vacs a crucial piece of equipment for any grounds team.

That’s why our friends over at Harper Turf have developed amazing debris removal equipment that is capable of leaving your grounds looking brand new.

With an amazing series of pull-behind vacs and turf sweepers, Harper Turf has established itself as the industry leader in debris removal.

Let’s take a look at their turf sweeper and vac lineup.

Harper Turf: A Brief History

Harper Industries was established in 1998 in Harper, Kansas, northeast of Witchita by 50 miles. Established in ag and commercial, Harper Industries manufactures bale beds, turf sweepers, turf vacuums, and more.

A company built on Midwest values, Harper Turf has established itself as the leader in debris removal and pickup.

A Harper Hawk turf sweeper picks up leaves.

A Closer Look at Turf Sweepers

As the name implies a turf sweeper is a piece of equipment that navigates turf and uses brushes and paddles to sweep debris off of the turf and into a hopper. Turf Sweepers are highly effective for picking up debris without damaging the turf underneath.

Instances best suited for a Turf Sweepers:

  • Leaf pickup in the fall
  • Picking up grass clippings after mowing
  • Picking up streets (when using the Harper Hawk).

Harper Turf’s: Hawk

The Harper Hawk is our favorite turf sweeper on the market right now. Designed with curb brushes and Harper Turf’s power paddle technology, the Hawk excels on both turf and hard surfaces.

Designed to tackle tough debris, the Hawk utilizes Harper Turf’s recirculating air technology and power paddle technology to provide a clean and efficient pickup system and environment. 

With a Kubota 24.8HP, 4-cylinder diesel engine and a 4WD drivetrain (the only 4WD sweeper on the market), Harper Turf has designed the ultimate turf sweeper. 

A TV40 with hose attachment.

What is a Turf Vac

A Turf Vac, like a turf sweeper, is a vacuum that’s designed to pull debris out of the turf. These units are often pull-behind units that are designed to cover large areas and pull up heavy debris.

Instances Best Suited for a Turf Vac

  • Picking up heavy debris
  • If you have a tractor that can pull the vac
  • Covering large areas.

Harper Turf’s: TV Series

Harper Turf developed a series of pull-behind turf vacuums known as the TV series. This product lineup includes the TV40, the TV60RE, and the TV60RHD. These units are capable of picking up an incredible amount of debris.

Different units come with different options and the larger units can even be controlled via remote control for ease of use. You can find more on the TV series here.

Additionally, Harper Turf’s TV series is significantly quieter than standard turf vacs thanks to Harper’s recirculating air technology. This allows for more operating hours as there’s less disruption from noise.

Do I need a Turf Sweeper or a Turf Vac?

Whether you need a turf sweeper or vac depends on the conditions and size of the property you are maintaining. If you are operating in a dry climate with lighter debris then a turf sweeper may be right for you. But if you need to pull up heavy debris over large areas a vac may be the better decision.

While turf sweeper units like the Harper Hawk can thrive in nearly any environment it is best to consult with a friend or your turf star representative to make sure you’re getting the best debris removal product for your grounds.

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