The Letters on the Ventrac 4520

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A Ventral with an AERA-Vator attachment is operated on a baseball diamond.

The letters that our manufacturing partners use on their products play a critical role in efficiently communicating the variations within their product lines. Take the Ventrac 4520 for example.

Since Ventrac has launched their 4520 they’ve released multiple variations of it in regards to engines and specs. 

In this article we will explore the differences between the K,P,Y,Z, and N.

An operator uses a Ventral 4520 with tough cut attachment to mow a hill.

The Ventrac 4520 K

The Ventrac 4520K has an air-cooled, gas powered, B&S Vanguard engine, putting out 31HP and 896cc. 

Unit Weight: This unit weighs in at 1,385 lbs.

The Ventrac 4520 P

The Ventrac 4520P has a liquid cooled, DFI gas powered, Kawasaki engine, putting out 31HP and 824cc. 

Unit Weight: This unit weighs in at 1,620 lbs.

The Ventrac 4520 Y

The Ventrac 4520Y has a liquid cooled, diesel powered, Kubota engine, putting out 25HP and 898cc. 

Unit Weight: This unit weighs in at 1,705 lbs.

The Ventrac 4520 Z

The Ventrac 4520Z has a liquid cooled, gas powered, Kubota engine, putting out 32.5HP and 962cc. 

Unit Weight: This unit weighs in at 1,690 lbs.

The Ventrac 4520 N

The Ventrac 4520N has a liquid cooled, EFI gas powered, Kubota engine, putting out 32.5HP and 962cc.

Unit Weight: This unit weighs in at 1,700 lbs.

What is Ducted Fuel Injection:

Ducted Fuel Injection is a technique where fuel is injected through a small tube into the combustion chamber. This process limits the amount of soot production in comparison to conventional diesel combustion generating less emissions.

What is Electronic Fuel Injection:

Similar to DFI, Electronic Fuel Injection is a process aimed at reducing emissions. However, the methodology is different. EFI uses electronic signals to inject fuel directly into the engine’s manifold or cylinder. This process has also seen improvements in fuel efficiency and lower maintenance.

Turf Star Western

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If you’re outside of the west coast but would still like to learn more, follow this link to the Ventrac website to locate a dealer near you!

Turf Star Western is proud to provide amazing equipment to the west coast and is proud to have Ventrac as one of our manufacturing partners. 

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