The Guide to Golf Carts: A Closer Look at Club Car.

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A Club Car Tempo sits on a fairway at a Golf Course

As a Golf Course Owner or Superintendent, you know the importance of having a reliable and comfortable fleet of golf carts for your course. After all, it’s through those golf carts that your golfers experience your course and your crew quickly navigates to job sites. Because of the value your golf carts add to your course, securing the right fleet can be a legitimate investment.

Enter Club Car, a leading manufacturer of golf carts in the industry, providing a range of fantastic carts designed to meet the diverse needs of golfers, superintendents, and grounds teams. Club Car’s extensive selection and accessories are designed to enhance the golfing experience at your course and improve efficiency with your teams. Let’s take a deeper dive into Club Car’s amazing lineup.

Key Takeaways

  • Club Car offers a range of golf cart models, from street legal to utility, to suit individual needs and preferences.

  • With amazing gas and electric options, your fleet can be optimized to your course.

  • Fantastic safety features such as seat belts, headlights & mirrors.

  • Maintenance is your best friend in keeping your fleet working for you!

Club Car Golf Cart Models: The Perfect Match for You

A Club Car golf cart on a course

Club Car offers a wide selection of golf cars, each tailored to a different task. Whether residential (like the Onward and Villager) or commercial (Tempo and the Carryall series), Club Car has amazing golf carts that are guaranteed to get the job done.

No matter how demanding your requirements may be, Club Car has the cart for the job – delivering exactly what you need when it comes to comfort, performance, and design.

Onward Series

Electric Club Car Onward Carts in a Warehouse

The Onward series offers a comprehensive range of golf cart options for your personal transportation or leisure activities. Models include gas, electric AC-drive, and lithium-powered choices with enhanced hill climbing power and acceleration – ideal for terrains beyond the pavement. In addition to the usual customization options such as choices in seats, colors, wheels, and canopies – you can also choose between the 2 passenger, 4 passenger, and 6 passenger styles. One of the more popular models is the lifted 4 passenger Onward.

All models are extremely durable, boasting aluminum frames painted with metal flakes that are UV-tested to ensure maximum durability even against sun fading. Cargo beds can be added if desired helping to provide a higher level of convenience and versatility than standard golf carts.

A lifted 4 passenger Onward

With a rugged frame and a design meant to last, ownership of a Club Car Onward provides an incredible opportunity for both exploring and personal transportation. As previously mentioned, the Onward comes in 2 passenger, 4 passenger, and 6 passenger options.

Villager Series

A villager series 6 passenger golf cart

The Villager Series of golf carts is Club Car’s selection of golf carts built for transporting guests and clients within resorts, gated communities, events, and around neighborhoods. Designed for comfort and style, the Villager series makes an impressive first impression. Made from corrosion-resistant aircraft-grade aluminum, the Villager is both rust-proof and durable enough to offer years of use without requiring extra maintenance costs or frequent repairs saving you money in the long run.

Tempo Series

A Club Car Tempo sits on a golf course

The Club Car Tempo series of custom golf vehicles has been developed to revolutionize on-course performance and bolster fleet operations. These golf carts are designed for maximum visual and performance impact. With a wide array of customization options such as body color, an optional lift kit, an upgraded sound system, comfortable seating upholstery with foldable rear seats, and various storage features, the Tempo is more than just a reliable cart, it’s a necessary part of your golf ecosystem.

Club Car Connect, Club Car’s advanced technology package offers impressive fleet tools such as Visage Fleet Management integrated into the high-definition touchscreen display, golf course display, and optional Bluetooth speakers installed within.

The Tempo’s lithium-ion battery improves fleet efficiency with a powerful ion-powered drive train that delivers optimal results while controlling costs. All these factors join together in order to maximize enjoyment during playtime for the golfer! Club Car’s improved management systems provide fleet managers with insights that enable better decision-making in regard to course-related activities.

Fleet Customization

For those courses that value their brand, branding, and customization, there’s plenty of opportunity to take full advantage of the customization options on the Club Car Tempo. You can choose between multiple paint choices, pick your wheels/tire configuration, and make a golf cart that is uniquely yours.

With customizable technology packages and designs, the Club Car Tempo truly is the leader for courses that expect class and performance out of their golf carts.

Carryall Series

A Club Car Carryall 700 with a cargo bed

The Carryall series of golf carts is designed to be highly versatile and reliable for industrial and commercial needs. Like the Villager, its frame and chassis are constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum, ensuring its durability against rusting. This cart has a cargo bed that is nearly six feet long – perfect for hauling equipment or material around your course or resort. The Caryall comes in both an electric and gas motor, with the electric offering extended-range batteries. There’s also the addition of Kohler closed-loop EFI engines, which adds to this product’s power potential. With adjustable removable track-based beds, as well as contoured seating areas and improved cab designs meant built for ease of entry & exit, you can bet on these Golf Carts to pass any test with flying colors. The Carryall is designed to have maximized cargo space and efficiency.

Gas vs. Electric Golf Carts: Making the Right Choice

A golf cart fleet of electric and gas powered golf carts

When choosing between gas and electric golf carts, it’s important to consider aspects such as power, and maintenance requirements alongside the environmental impact.

Pros of Gas-Powered Golf Carts:

  • Powerful and efficient

  • Doesn’t require recharging – minimizing downtime on busier days.

  • Tried and True – These golf carts have been developed for the longest amount of time.

Cons of Gas-Powered Golf Carts:

  • Even with minimal maintenance, more maintenance requirements than their electric counterparts.

  • Louder operating volume leads to increased noise pollution

  • Certain states like California will no longer allow electric equipment up to a certain HP beginning 01/01/24.

Pros of Electric Golf Carts:

  • Virtually No Maintenance Required

  • Little to no noise pollution – giving you more time and freedom to operate at any hour of the day

  • Fuel savings & zero emissions

Cons of Electric Golf Carts:

  • Longer recharging time than traditional refueling

Picking either option is dependent on what is best for your course when taking into account usage goals alongside budget capacity.

Club Car Tempo Wiht Lithium-Ion

Golf Cart Accessories: Enhance Your Ride

Premium Golf Cart Seats

Golf carts can be enhanced and personalized through a wide range of accessories available, such as custom seats, wheels, windshields, and canopies. These additions boost the comfort level during your ride on the course while granting the opportunity for courses to add their own unique flair. Wheels for golf cart types vary from steel to aluminum. Additionally, there are other optional components such as enclosures, seat covers that offer added padding if needed, and even rear seating options!

Other potential features include lift kits which allow increased ground clearance, this is a very common feature on the lifted 4 passenger Onward. There are also optional lights, mirrors, coolers, and more.

Safety Features: Ensuring a Secure and Enjoyable Ride

A saftety officer places cones on a street out of a Club Car Carryall

Club Car golf carts are designed with safety in mind. Drivers and passengers benefit from seat belts, headlights, side mirrors, and more! These specialized vehicles boast operational controls for setting maximum speed limits plus static stability features both laterally and longitudinally. Ensuring everyone is kept safe at all times!

Maintenance Tips: Maximizing the Life of Your Golf Cart

A fleet of Tempo Golf Carts

To maximize the lifespan of your golf cart, regular upkeep is crucial. Gas-powered models should be serviced yearly with oil changes and filter/belt replacements while electric carts require battery care. Be sure to keep an eye on any problems such as diminished power output, low water levels in batteries, or frayed wires. If you see any of these problems, address them immediately.

For golf cart owners running on electricity, proper maintenance can make all the difference: equalizing cells regularly, keeping terminals and cables clean; and fully recharging after use, this will ensure maximum performance from your vehicle.

Finally, an annual service for both gas and electric versions is highly recommended. This annual service can go a long way in maximizing the life of your golf carts. If you purchased or are purchasing your golf carts from an authorized dealer oftentimes they have service options for your golf carts.

Industry Applications: Golf Carts Beyond the Course

Club Car Golf Carts outside of a clubhouse. Including a lifted 4 passenger onward.

Beyond the course, golf carts are extremely versatile and can be used for a number of industries. Whether they are working as people movers or utility vehicles, these golf carts have found a place at resorts, universities, and airports. You no longer have to be on a Golf Course to benefit from Golf Carts!


Club Car offers a wide variety of golf carts for any purpose – from stylish rides for your course to heavy-duty vehicles that can be used in all kinds of applications. With highly customizable features and designs, Club Car is THE standard for versatile carts and vehicles.

A Carryall on a fairway

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Club Car and EZGO?

Carryall Golf Carts

Club Car Golf Carts have built a reputation over the years as high-quality carts that are built to last. EZGO, while being more budget-friendly doesn’t maintain the same reputation that Club Car has in terms of longevity and quality.

How do I identify a Club Car?

The Club Car Black Gold Logo

Identifying a Club Car is easy— you simply need to find the Club Car Black Gold logo on the front of every Golf Cart!

If you’re looking for your specific serial number you simply need to locate the number printed on a bar code decal below the passenger side cup holder or above the accelerator or brake pedal.

This will give you all the information you need regarding the model year and number of the vehicle.

How long will a Club Car last?

While it’s always important to properly maintain your Club Car, electric golf carts can maintain their functionality for a very long time. Club Car offers a 6-year battery warranty and designs their batteries to last up to 10 years!

How good are Club Car golf carts?

Club Car golf carts offer excellent toughness and reliability, with their ability to handle the elements and even the most challenging trail.

The maintenance requirements are minimal and repairs and service are straightforward processes. Club Car has built its brand on creating tough, reliable carts and it’s something they will always strive for. You can have the confidence that purchasing golf carts from Club Car will always be money well spent.

What are the main differences between gas and electric golf carts?

A Lithium-Ion Battery in a Club Car

You can see from the list of pros and cons above a few of the key differences between the electric and gas-powered options for Club Car golf cars.

The most substantial difference is the lack of emissions that come with an electric powertrain and the money you can save on fuel costs.

Turf Star Western

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We are proud to provide amazing equipment to the West Coast. We are proud to be a Club Car authorized dealer.

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