The Different Ventrac Mower Decks

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The versatility and utility of a Ventrac Tractor and its attachments is the competitive advantage that Ventrac has built their brand on ever since they first opened their doors in 1996. While Ventrac offers amazing attachments that can be used across soil, turf, and snow, we wanted to take a look at some of their more popular attachments; Ventrac Mower Decks!

Whether you’re a landscaper, a golf course superintendent, or a field and grounds director, Ventrac offers amazing mowing decks that produce quality cuts every time.

An operator uses a Ventrac Tough Cut Mower deck to mow through brush.

Tough Cut Mower

Designed to tackle thick brush and foliage, the Tough Cut Mower deck performs incredibly well in even the thickest mowing areas. The Tough Cut Mower uses counter rotating, heavy duty blades that allow you to mow through thick brush without worrying about windrowing. The baffled opening in the front keeps brush moving into the mower deck and prevents it from escaping to ensure an efficient mow. The Tough Cut deck comes with three adjustable mowing heights and a hinged/removable cover to provide easy maintenance. The Tough Cut Mower is the most affordable mowing attachment Ventrac offers, but don’t let its price fool you, this deck is built to work and is rugged beyond belief.

Ventrac Wide Area Mower

A Ventrac 4520 with a Wide Area Mower Deck

Designed to mow large areas quickly, the Wide Area Mower produces a beautiful mow with less passes. The Wide Area Mower has a deck that’s 95” long with adjustable heights from 1”-5” giving you plenty of room to operate with. The Wide Area Mower has a rear discharge system and a “flip-up” design to provide easy access for cleaning and maintenance. This mower is fantastic for mowing large public and private areas.

Ventrac Reel Mower

If you’re needing to reel mow an area at a steep incline the Ventrac Reel Mower is the attachment for you! With a mowing width of 77”, variable speed hydraulics, standard backlapping valves, and more options, the Ventrac Reel Mower provides an amazing finish on even the toughest to mow areas. When operated with a dual wheel configuration the Ventrac 4520, with the Reel Mower attachment, can mow slopes that are graded up to 30 degrees. This gives you a beautiful cut regardless of location.

A Ventrac 4520 with a Reel Mower deck

Ventrac Contour Mower

A Ventrac 4520 with a Contour Deck

With three independent floating decks, the Ventrac Contour Deck is a premier cutting deck designed to follow the contour of the mowing area. The contour deck offers a mowing width of 83” and has 40 degrees of motion available for the side decks. Additionally, the decks are equipped with rear rollers to ensure even cuts and striping.

Ventrac Boom Mower

An operator with a Ventrac 4520 utilizing a Boom Mower to trim hedges.

The Ventrac Boom Mower is built for landscapers and land owners that deal with hard to reach tasks such as mowing steep ditches and trimming hedges and shrubs. The Ventrac Boom Mower has a hydraulic boom arm that can cut vertically as high as 142” from the ground, a flat mowing height as tall as 82” from the ground, and a reach of 115” from outside of the wheels. This mower truly excels at reaching hard to reach places and increasing operator safety.

Ventrac Flail Mower

A Ventrac 4520 with a Flail Mower Deck

The Ventrac Flail Mower comes in two different options, the Fast Cut and the Fine Cut. While both are unrivaled in performance for mowing overgrown areas, each serves a different purpose. The Fine Cut Flail Mower has scooped knives that produce a more finished cut in grassy areas that are mowed between 3-8 times per year. The Fast Cut Flail Mower has Y blades for dense mowing areas that don’t require mowing on a regular basis.

Ventrac Finish Mower

One of the more affordable decks that Ventrac offers, the Finish Deck produces high quality mows for landscapers and land owners alike. The finish mower offers easy to use features such as single lever height adjustment, full length rear rollers, and a flip up deck for easy service. The finish mower is an amazing attachment that creates stunning lawns, fields, and lots at a very reasonable price.

A Ventrac 4520 with a Finish Mower attachment

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