Siteworks Dingo TX 1000: The Machine on a Mission

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A Siteworks Dingo TX 1000 drills in a sandy area.

In the world of compact utility loaders, the Toro Siteworks Dingo TX 1000 is a machine on a mission.

A mission to make your projects a whole lot easier.

An assignment to lower your cost of doing business.

A charge to elevate the way that you work.

Let’s discuss the Toro Siteworks Dingo TX 1000.

A Siteworks Dingo TX 1000 in action.

Performance That Impresses.

Toro has developed a wide array of models of the Siteworks Dingo. However, the TX 1000 is one of the more popular models largely due to it’s versatility. It’s big enough to handle most any task and compact enough to fit on nearly any job site. Taking a closer look:

  • Engine: The TX 1000 is equipped with a 24.9 HP Kubota® D1305 diesel engine, this machine has more than enough power to power you through even the toughest of jobs.
  • Tip Capacity: With a whopping 3,071 lbs rated tip capacity, the Siteworks Dingo TX 1000 turns hard work into light work.
  • Ground Speed: With a ground speed of 4 mph getting the TX 1000 unloaded and to your job site is incredibly fast. This efficiency is a key factor in saving you money.
A Dingo TX 1000 with bucket attachment in action

Attachments for Your Siteworks Dingo TX 1000

1. Forks: Do you have a lot of stuff to move and not a lot of room? These forks are perfect for you! Get all the great benefits of a Siteworks Dingo TX 1000 along with all the benefits of a forklift. Regardless of if you’re moving items around your warehouse or you need to load a Ventrac deck onto your trailer, the forks have you covered.

2. Trencher: Who doesn’t love trenching? The Trencher attachment will dig up to 50 inches deep without even breaking a sweat. Say goodbye to sore backs and hello to precision.

3. Bucket: The Multi-Purpose Bucket does it all. It can scoop, grade, and lift whatever you throw at it. Think of it as the Swiss Army knife of the Toro Siteworks Dingo TX 1000 attachments.

Mission Accomplished.

The Toro Siteworks Dingo TX 1000 is no joke. It’s a compact utility loader that punches above its weight. With incredible performance specs and a range of attachments that’ll make your projects a breeze, it’s the ultimate construction buddy. Do you have a big project in a compact space? Then with a TX 1000 you better believe that it’s mission accomplished.

Turf Star Western, The West Coast’s Siteworks Dingo Provider.

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