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Our Services

  • Grinding Services: Maximize productivity, minimize turf damage, improve turf appearance, fuel economy and bearing life. Improve turf health and quality of cut by having our Certified Technicians grind your reels and set them to your specifications. On demand, or a fixed frequency, your choice.
  • Training Services: New Technician? New Fleet? New Equipment? We offer training for technicians and operators at your location, or at a Turf Star Western location. We offer certification testing for EETC (OPESSA).
  • Sprayer Calibration: Spray Accurately and Effectively. An improperly calibrated turf sprayer can waste thousands of dollars of chemicals. We will calibrate your sprayer, provide hands on participation during the calibration process, install a new set of nozzles and provide a written sprayer performance report. Schedule regular sprayer calibrations and be sure you are always ready to spray!
  • On-Site Mobile Service: Maximize your productivity with our On-Site Services. Our Toro and OPEESA Certified technicians will come to you to maintain or repair your equipment. Call to speak to one of our professional Service Advisors! Service Contracts: Irrigation Systems & Equipment Fleets – Preventative Maintenance can significantly decrease your overall operating budget and ensure the greatest amount of up-time to ensure you are able to get your job done! We can tailor a program to suit any budget and any need. See more on the Service Agreements tab.
  • Irrigation Service Advantage: In conjunction with NSN, we offer comprehensive irrigation support in the form of:
    • 24-hour, 7-day, 365 Support: To answer your questions, troubleshoot your system and solve your problems. And if needed, our 24-hour central computer and component replacement service ensures minimal disruption.
    • Best-In-The-Business Technicians: Our support technicians are licensed irrigators and have A+ Certified technicians on staff. NSN has a diagnostic lab on-site for each irrigation platform, all field hardware, plus ancillary products including a Toro weather station.
    • Industry-Best Training: Our dedicated support network is the first of its kind in the irrigation industry! The Toro National Support Network (Toro NSN) is designed to provide you with confidence and peace of mind, as well as, complete central-control system operation assurance.

Service Agreements

Looking for an Affordable Method to Ensure Your Equipment’s Preventative Maintenance is Completed on Time and on Budget?

We offer the following preventative service program which includes:
1. Inspections: Our certified technicians will come to your location and inspect your fleet on a regular basis (you determine the frequency to match your budget and needs). The more machines inspected, the deeper the discounts per machine.
During the inspections we will:
• Perform our multi-point inspection to detect any needed repairs or adjustments
• Grease the entire machine
• All fluids and maintenance items will be checked and/or adjusted
• Check the machine for proper operation
• Perform any PM services that are due, using factory OEM parts and flluids
• This service is all inclusive with travel, parts, fluids & labor making it a great value

2. Optional:
• Reel maintenance can be added at an additional cost
• Reel grinding can be provided as with our “200 Hours of Use” reel grinding program

We invoice monthly (or quarterly depending on your plan) and monitor all maintenance via Toro’s MyTurf fleet management software. We can provide history reports detailing services performed upon request.

Nothing to sign, no contract necessary. We will earn your business every month. If you are not delighted with the results of this program, you are free to cancel at any time.