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Debris removal is an often understated and overlooked process in the maintenance of golf courses, cities, universities, and more. Whether you’re looking to clean up firework debris after a Holiday or pick up leaves in the fall, debris removal can be a tedious process Luckily, our friends over at Harper Turf have developed a self-propelled, 4WD turf sweeper that’s tough on debris and easy on turf.

We’re talking about the Harper Hawk.

A Harper Hawk manufactured by Harper Turf on a golf course

A brief overview of Harper Industries

Harper Industries was established in 1998 in Harper, Kansas, northeast of Witchita by 50 miles. Established in ag and commercial, Harper Industries manufactures bale beds, turf sweepers, turf vacuums, and more.

A company built on Midwest values, Harper Turf has established itself as the leader in debris removal and pickup.

A stock image of a Hawk

Harper Turf Equipment: The Hawk

The Harper Hawk is a self-propelled turf sweeper designed to efficiently pick up debris on turf and hard surfaces. With an innovative design and improving technology, the Hawk has revolutionized what it means to be a turf sweeper.

Designed to tackle tough debris, the Hawk utilizes Harper Turf’s recirculating air technology and power paddle technology to provide a clean and efficient pickup system and environment. 

With a Kubota 24.8HP, 4-cylinder diesel engine and a 4WD drivetrain (the only 4WD sweeper on the market), Harper Turf has designed the ultimate turf sweeper. 

Three Key Features of the Harper Hawk by Harper Turf

A Hawk picking up leaves

Harper Turf’s Recirculating Air Technology

Harper Turf introduced its recirculating air technology in 2007. This cutting-edge technology minimizes noise and dust, ultimately leading to cleaner operating environments. 

To accomplish this, a suction fan creates low pressure in the system, which in turn pulls the debris up into the hopper. Once inside the hopper, the air filters through vents or screens on the sides and top of the hopper. Then the air is forced down to recirculate the air which creates a cleaner sweeping process.

Along with creating cleaner sweeping environments, this technology also creates far less noise pollution, leading to more available hours for operation.

Additionally, this technology requires less maintenance than traditional air expulsion. There are no extra filters, and cleaning out the hopper is easier than ever.

Two Stages

With the Harper Hawk’s two-stage pickup system, Harper Turf has developed a sweeper that can handle the toughest debris with little impact on the turf below. The brush rotor and paddle configuration allows for a smoother flow of debris, thus eliminating common clogging issues. 

This configuration allows Harper Turf’s Hawk to perform efficiently with one pass to pick up even the toughest of debris. 

A Harper Hawk with a raised hopper dumping debris into a trailer.


The Hawk comes equipped with a large hopper that’s designed for easy cleaning functionality. Coming in at 3.5 cu yards, the Hawk’s hopper has more than enough room to keep your operators running efficiently. 

Not only does the Hawk have a larger hopper for extended usage, but it also comes equipped with a hydraulic lift to raise the hopper up to 6 feet allowing for easy debris removal from the hopper. 

This large hopper and hydraulic system ensures smooth operation and reduced downtime. 

Additional Options:

Beyond the standard, Harper Turf also provides several options to customize your Hawk specifically to your needs. 

Stock image of a Harper Hawk by Harper Turf


  • Canopy,
  • Curb Brush,
  • Work Lights,
  • Beacon,
  • Backup camera.


HK4400 & HK4200 | HARPER HAWK
EngineKubota™ 24.8 HP 4-cylinder diesel
DriveHydraulic powered
Sweeper60″ single sweeping head
Deck Float7″ up, 4″ down
Hopper Capacity3.5 cubic yards
LiftRises to 6′ above ground
Speed0-5 (low), 0-10 (high)
Dimension153″L x 76.5″W x 79″H
WeightHK4400 – 4480 lbs (2032 kg); HK4200 – 4280 lbs (1941 kg)

Turf Star Western & Harper Turf Equipment

Turf Star Western proudly sells Harper Turf Equipment to the West Coast (Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, and Nevada). Reach out to us to schedule a demo or to learn more!

Live outside the West Coast? You can follow this link to Harper Turf’s website!

We are proud to provide amazing equipment, like Harper Turf Equipment, to the West Coast

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