Electric Golf Cart, Utility Vehicle, and People Movers.

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A golf cart fleet of electric and gas powered golf carts

With the onset of new emission regulations, the utilization of electric equipment on the golf course has never been more critical. Whether it’s an electric golf cart, electric utility vehicle, or people mover there is no shortage of great electric alternatives for your fleet.

Today we’re going through some of our favorite electric carts and vehicles for all uses across your course.

Electric Golf Cart

Club Car Tempo: An Electric Golf Cart Alternative

An electric golf cart, the Club Car Tempo sits on a golf course

While there’s been no shortage of electric golf carts introduced in recent years, one of our favorites is the new Club Car Tempo. The Club Car Tempo is a premium electric golf cart that has revolutionized the golf cart fleets across the world. Each Club Car Tempo is highly customizable to be perfectly suited to fit each course. The Tempo boasts a lithium-ion battery with two acceleration settings and travel speeds of up to 15 mph.

Additionally, the Tempo comes with all the options and features you’ve come to expect out of a Club Car. The Club Car Tempo is an electric golf cart that revolutionizes YOUR golf course fleet.

Electric Utility Vehicles

Your utility fleet is one of the most important components within your golf course operations. From transporting equipment around your course to navigating to jobs quickly, utility vehicles are the heartbeat of course operations. Because of this, manufacturers have developed a lot of amazing electric utility vehicles in recent years.

Toro and Westward Industries have designed and developed two of our favorite utility carts on the market right now.

Toro Workman GTX

Two Toro Workman GTXs

The Toro Workman GTX has the same impact that a gas powered GTX brought to your course, with none of the emissions. The Workman GTX comes with an additional 3″ of ground clearance, an improved power to weight ratio, and improved suspension for a smoother ride. The GTX is easy to service and reduces operator fatigue.

Westward Industries Max-EV

A Westward Industries Max-EV

Based out of Canada, Westward Industries manufactures electric utility vehicles. The Max-EV is a workhorse designed to lower your emissions footprint. The Max-EV is highly customizable to fit your fleet needs and incredibly powerful. Strong enough to tow up to 1,500 lbs and compact enough to easily navigate urban areas the Max-EV is a utility vehicle thtat’s a jack of all trades.

Additionally, Westward has designed a 4WD version of the Max-EV. This 4WD Max-EV will be one of the first 4WD electric utility vehicles in North America.

Electric People Movers

Whether you’re on a course, a resort, or a campus, people movers are a critical part of making a great first impression on members.

Toro and Club Car have developed amazing electric people movers to increase course efficiency.

Toro Vista

A Toro Vista outside the Indy 500

The recently released Toro Vista is a sleekly designed electric people mover. Designed for use for up to 8 people the Vista makes a strong first impression on any rider. The Vista has a rigid frame, an automatic parking brake, and vast customization options.

The Vista is easy to maintain and service and is sleek enough to always make a positive impression on guests and service techs.

Club Car Villager

A villager series 6 passenger golf cart

The Club Car Villager easily transports up to 8 people comfortably and stylishly. Like the Toro Vista, the Villager has vast customization options and operates quietly and cleanly.

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