Club Car Li-Ion: The Cutting-Edge Choice for Superior Performance

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A trio of Club Cars with Li-Ion Technology sit on a parking lot at sunset

Built like a Li-Ion

In the world of golf carts and golf cars, Club Car has been an industry leader all across the country since 1958. With a reputation that’s been built on quality, luxury, and, reliability, Club Car has become the top choice for drivers of golf cars and course owners alike. Whether you’re on the course, on campus, running a resort, or using it as personal transportation vehicles, Club is designed with owners AND operators in mind.

Three Club Cars on a golf course.

Overview of Club Car Company

But who is Club Car? Founded in 1958, Club Car has established itself as a leading manufacturer of golf carts, utility vehicles, and personal transportation vehicles. The company has a rich history of innovation and excellence in the golf industry. In 1962, Club Car made a significant breakthrough by introducing the world’s first golf car with a steering wheel instead of a tiller. This revolutionary design set the stage for the future of all golf cart designs and solidified Club Car’s position as a pioneer in the industry.

Since its inception, Club Car has been committed to producing high-quality and reliable golf carts; and has built a strong reputation for their dedication to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. Club Car carts are known for their durability, performance, and innovative features. Whether it’s for personal transportation, business applications, or professional tournaments (both as a utility cart and a traditional cart), Club Car has a wide range of carts to meet the diverse needs of its customers.

Club Car’s commitment to innovation and excellence has earned the trust and loyalty of golfers, course owners, business owners, and college campuses worldwide. With a focus on advanced technology, environmental sustainability, and superior performance, Club Car continues to lead the way in the cart industry. As the demand for electric carts grows, Club Car is poised to remain at the forefront, delivering cutting-edge products that redefine the golfing experience.

Whether you’re looking for carts, utility vehicles, low-speed vehicles, or personal transportation vehicles, Club Car has you covered with amazing options for individuals and companies alike.

A Club Car Lithium Battery

What is Li-Ion?

Club Car Li-Ion powertrain is a state-of-the-art electric cart powertrain that has revolutionized the golf industry. As you may already know, Li-Ion is an abbreviation for lithium-ion. This Li-Ion battery provides exceptional performance and reliability with reduced operating costs. The advanced technology and design of a Club Car Li-Ion ensures the smooth ride and comfort you’ve come to expect from Club Car vehicles, making it a favorite among operators. Whether you’re a golfer, a tour guide on college campuses, or in need of a powerful utility cart, the Li-Ion offers a superior electric performance experience.

What Sets it Apart?

Electric carts have been on the market for a while now, but what sets the Club Car Li-Ion apart? With its superior speed and acceleration, Club Car Li-Ion ensures an efficient riding experience on the course. The rugged construction of these carts allows them to navigate challenging terrains with ease, making them the perfect choice for courses, college campuses, and resorts. Additionally, the Li-Ion powertrain carts offer longer battery life, allowing users to cover more distance without the need for frequent recharging. This power output makes a Club Car ideal for companies with multiple campuses, and any organization that requires frequent short travel.

Additional Battery Benefits

  • The battery system requires no maintenance or servicing for the life of the battery pack.

  • Safety and reliability: Automotive-quality technology that features a self-contained water-tight battery case.

  • 6-year battery warranty for added peace of mind.

  • And more!

Li-Ion Available Models

The Li-Ion powertrain comes available across a multitude of Club Car models ranging from the Tempo to the Carryall. Let’s take a look at a few of the following models that offer the Li-Ion powertrain:

A Club Car with Li-Ion powertrain

Club Car Carryall:

The Carryall, a versatile utility vehicle, emphasizes efficiency across various industries. Ideal for grounds maintenance, it offers ample cargo space and a robust build to handle tough tasks with ease. The Carryall ensures environmentally friendly operation while delivering the power needed for demanding work environments, making it a reliable choice for heavy-duty utility jobs. The Li-Ion powertrain comes available in the 500, 502, 550, and 700.

Carryall 700 Li-Ion Specs:

  • Engine:48-volt AC  

  • Horsepower:7.4hp (5.5kW) rated; Peak 21.4hp (16kW)  

  • Batteries: Vanguard Lithium-Ion  

  • Charger: High Frequency DeltaQ 650W (upgrade to 900W optional)  

  • Speed Range:  5-19 mph (8-31 kph)

A Tempo with Li-Ion powertrain

Club Car Tempo:

The Club Car Tempo, a premier golf car, seamlessly blends performance and style on the fairways. Designed to enhance your golfer’s experience every time they hop in the vehicle. The Tempo Li-Ion features a lightweight yet durable frame, responsive handling, and a powerful lithium-ion drivetrain. With advanced technology for player convenience and comfort, the Tempo sets a new standard for course transportation, providing a smooth ride for players and improvement in overall comfort

Club Car Lithium Ion Specs:

  • Horsepower: 4.7 hp AC Drive

  • Batteries:3.6 kW Stored Energy 60 Amp Capacity  

  • Charger:650 Watt Charger (standard)/900 Watt Charger (optional)  

  • Speed Range:5 settings: 5-15 mph

  • 2 acceleration settings: Aggressive or Traditional.

A Li-Ion Powered Onward

Club Car Onward:

The Onward, a stylish and customizable personal transport vehicle, brings innovation to recreational driving. Whether cruising through neighborhoods or exploring resorts, the Onward combines form and function. With multiple customization options, including colors, seats, and accessories, owners can tailor the Onward to their preferences. Its electric lithium ion drivetrain ensures a quiet and eco-friendly ride. Whether you’re in town or out of town, the abundant customization options make the Onward the perfect choice for those seeking a personal vehicle as unique as they are!

Club Car Onward 6 Passenger Li-Ion Specs

  • Engine: 375 Amp AC Motor Controller  

  • Horsepower: 29 hp (21.4 kW) Peak  

  • Batteries: 7.0 kWh Lithium-Ion  

  • Charger: 650W HF Li-Ion (Shelf / onboard); 900W HF Li-Ion (Shelf only)   

  • Speed Range: Up to 19 mph

A Li-Ion Club Car

Club Car Li-Ion Electric Carts

Lithium-powered golf cars represent the latest in electric cart technology. The Li-Ion battery that powers these vehicles provides enhanced performance, longer run times, and shorter charge times. The use of lithium-ion batteries in carts offers several advantages over traditional lead-acid batteries such as minimum maintenance and longer-lasting batteries.

A Lithium Ion Battery in a Club Car


Lithium-ion batteries are known for their high energy density, allowing them to store more energy in a smaller and lighter package. This performance capability allows Li-Ion powered carts to have a longer range, shorter charge times, and a longer overall lifespan. By utilizing this technology, operators of these vehicles can enjoy extended playtime without the need for frequent recharging, providing a seamless and uninterrupted driving experience experience.

Cost Benefit of Electric Carts

Moreover, lithium-ion batteries have a longer lifespan and require less maintenance compared to lead-acid batteries. They do not require regular watering or equalization, reducing the overall maintenance cost and effort. This makes Club Car Li-Ion carts a cost-effective choice in the long run.

A Club Car Tempo on a Golf Course

Environmental Impact

The largest impact that electric vehicles offer, even more so than their performance benefits, is their environmental impact. Lithium-ion batteries produce zero emissions, making them a greener alternative to gas-powered vehicles. By choosing electric golf cars, course ownership and golfers can enjoy a clean and sustainable mode of transportation on the course.

An Onward with Li-Ion technology sits in a warehouse.

Club Car: Beyond the Course

Beyond the course, Li-Ion technology is hard at work creating more environmentally friendly spaces across numerous industries.

University Campus Mobility:

College campuses are generally at the forefront of technology and sustainability, universities embrace the future of sustainable transportation. The Li-Ion battery offers a clean energy option for college campuses that doesn’t sacrifice convenience and efficiency. With longer operating abilities and quick-charging capabilities, staff can effortlessly navigate expansive university grounds while students can move between classes with ease. The silent operation ensures minimal disruption to the academic environment, fostering a sustainable and peaceful campus experience.

Resort Luxury and Efficiency:

Elevate the guest experience at resorts with a Li-Ion drivetrain. Its sleek design and smooth operation contribute to the luxurious atmosphere while the quiet motor doesn’t disrupt the relaxed environment. The extended battery life and rapid charging enable all kinds of efficient guest services, whether it’s guest transportation or facilitating staff in maintaining the premises. The Club Car Li-Ion becomes an integral part of creating a seamless and enjoyable resort experience and a slam-dunk decision for resort ownership.

Personal Transportation Vehicle

Even as a personal transportation vehicle, the Lithium Ion battery makes a ton of sense for homeowners. Whether you live in a tight-knit community or out in the country, these vehicles are a fantastic solution for homeowners and landowners alike. For landowners, certain units like the lifted Onward can handle rough terrain and can withstand even the toughest of conditions. For homeowners, these vehicles work wonders as personal transportation vehicles for going around your community.

A Tempo with Li-Ion Technology sits on golf course.

Strong as a Lion.

On the whole, Club Car Li-Ion electric golf cars provide an unbeaten combination of performance, reliability, and sustainability. With their advanced technology and design, these vehicles offer an unparalleled golfing and operator experience that is both enjoyable and eco-friendly. Whether you are a golfer, a homeowner, resort ownership, a business with multiple campuses, or a college university, a Club Car Li-Ion is the ideal choice for enhancing your experience.

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