5 Reasons You Need Debris Removal Equipment

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A golf course near the ocean.

There’s no shortage of jobs that need to be done to successfully cultivate and maintain healthy grounds. Whether you’re a golf course superintendent, a college campus, or a resort, the upkeep that comes with keeping your grounds in tip-top shape is ever-evolving and highly involved. One of the more critical elements of grounds maintenance is debris removal. 

Today we’re going to take a look at the top 5 reasons why removing debris from your property is essential for any grounds team and three of our favorite uses for debris removal units like the Harper Hawk.

Let’s Dive In:

Why Removing Debris is Critical

A Golf Course

1: Your grounds are often your first impression

When it comes to making a good first impression there are few areas more critical than your grounds. Whether you’re a golf course, a resort, or a park, oftentimes the first thing visitors see is the grounds leading up to and surrounding your facility. This makes debris removal paramount for leaving a solid first impression on any new visitors. 

A debris-free facility can help create a lasting impression of quality that will permeate throughout entire visits and beyond.

2: You’ve worked hard on your grounds

It’s no secret that grounds work is hard work! It takes a lot of man-hours and effort to keep your grounds and courses pristine and in great condition. Debris only serves to detract from the hard work you’ve already put in.

Debris removal acts as the bow on top of the hard work you’ve already put in to elevate your grounds to the next level.

3: Removing Hazards to your members

In certain instances, debris can actually be a hazard to visitors and members. In these instances, it’s extremely important to have debris thoroughly removed from your grounds. The last thing anyone wants is to jeopardize health and safety and therefore keeping your grounds clear of debris is an extremely important task.

A clean environment is a safe environment. 

4: Discouraging Litter

When visitors and members see clean grounds it signifies that cleanliness is important to your establishment. This subconsciously discourages littering by members, visitors, students, and more. By being proactive to keep your grounds clear of debris you encourage others to do the same.

5: Aesthetics 

Let’s face it: a clean environment just looks nicer. At the end of the day, when you’re passionate about your grounds and you work hard to maintain them, removing the debris can help elevate them even further. When you care about something as much as grounds managers care about their grounds it just makes sense to go the extra mile to keep them clean.

Debris Removal Equipment

Two pieces of debris removal equipment from Harper Turf

There’s a plethora of debris removal equipment on the market but our personal favorites are the turf sweepers and vacs manufactured by Harper Turf Products.

The Harper Hawk is a self-propelled turf sweeper that has revolutionized what it means to be a turf sweeper. The TV Series is a series of turf vacs whose functionality and ease of use make them second to none when it comes to turf vacs.

Three Areas Where a Harper Hawk Can Thrive

Golf Courses: The Harper Hawk has been spotted across golf courses all across the nation thanks to its ability to pick up turf debris while minimizing turf disruption. The revolutionary power paddle technology and recirculating air produce an unparalleled one-pass performance that makes picking up clippings, leaves, and debris a breeze.

Municipalities: With curb brushes and being a self-contained unit, the Harper Hawk fits municipality needs exceptionally well. Its versatility between hard surfaces and turf makes it a one-stop shop for picking up debris from public parties or celebrations. With AWD options this unit can tackle nearly any park or parking lot.

Sports Complexes: The quiet operation that comes with the recirculating air technology makes the Hawk an amazing option for busy sports complexes. The large, hydraulically powered hopper makes for easy cleanup and debris removal while the quiet operation gives you extra operating hours.

A Harper Hawk - a turf sweeper used for debris removal.

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